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Artistry and Care
​The bowls and platters are “turned” on a wood lathe. Using tools called gouges the shapes of the bowls are formed. Artistry determines the outer shape but skill accomplishes the inner form.

Infinite patience is needed in carefully sanding the bowls, adding the inlay material and applying multiple coats of food safe finish.  A quality finish takes time and the best materials.

CARE: These creations are finished with non-toxic oils and wax. They can be hand washed with mild detergent, rinsed and hand dried. Please do not heat food in the bowls, place overly hot food in the bowls or use them for refrigerator storage. To preserve the finish and color of the wood, do not place the bowls in direct sunlight.

Caution: Some of the bark edge decorative bowls could have sharp edges.


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